It is not raining in Sunnydale

It's not raining in Sunnydale

Are you looking for a place to stay that is more authentic and will give you a real taste of Dawson that most visitors never see?
Our cabins are located in the beautiful countryside that provided Dawson with agricultural products during the gold rush.
Sunnydale is located 8km upstream of Dawson City. You can get here via road and public ferry.
The cabins are nestled in the boreal backyard of your hosts Michael and Ava Steffens. The 15 minute drive here includes:

  • a free scenic ferry-ride
  • a look-out over the Yukon River/Klondike confluence
  • beautiful light hiking opportunity right of the road

Seamonster Lodge

This cozy cabin is built with square logs and has almost all the fancy stuff you know from home, just a little different. Accommodates 2 people comfortably, with ability to add third person. Amenities:

  • 250 sq ft downstairs
  • 112 sq ft loft with ground-level Queen bed
  • Electricity (solar panels)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Cold storage space; bring your own groceries
  • Running water in kitchen sink (gravity fed)
  • Gas range, wood stove
  • Couch, dining table
  • Porch with private backyard
  • Guest outhouse
  • No showers on site. Public showers in Dawson.

Rates: $125/night (2-3 persons) + optional $25/breakfast (per person)

$695/week (2 persons) + optional $22/breakfast (per person)

"It is a real find, and a tremendously comfortable, enjoyable and memorable stay off of the beaten path in the Dawson area."

-Jim from Vancouver

Seamonster Shack

Rates: $50/night (1 person) + optional $25/breakfast

$275/week (1 person) + optional $22/breakfast (per person/day)

This small hut is ideally suited for independent travelers. It is small, but incredibly cute and comfy.

  • Cabin footprint: 8 by 10 ft
  • Twin-sized bed
  • Wood stove for cooler nights
  • Table and chair
  • Shelves and storage space
  • 20l water pack + washing-basin
  • Cooler and ice available for your food
  • Outhouse (shared)
  • No showers on site. Public showers in downtown Dawson

Disclaimer: Not for Wimps

You will be off the grid.

That means: although we provide most amenities you are used to (see above list) we don't have endlessly-running water, or never-ending electricity. If you can't survive without your own shower, flush toilet or tv - this might not be the right place for you. Be advised that dog mushers live in our neighbourhood and their dogs' songs can sometimes be heard at any time of day or night. Please see the cabins descriptions for details.

If you're intrigued, and like:

  • Adventure
  • Authentic Experience
  • Nature
  • Outdoor activities
  • Affortable Prices

... then book now and secure your stay in Sunnydale.

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