Dawson City's Driftwood Holly: Music Of Heartfelt, Music Off The Grid

Website brings songs and stories from the Yukon wilderness into the wide, wild world!

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Driftwood Holly is a musical artist and his life is truly a story. Born in Eastern Germany, Driftwood Holly moved to Dawson City in the Yukon (Canada) many years ago. Here, in his cabin off the grid, he finds inspiration for his music and artwork. Building a website, which is truly Driftwood Holly and as inspiring as his live shows, was the aspiration for this web design project.


  • Responsive website
  • Single-page design
  • Ecommerce music
  • Multimedia integration
  • Image gallery


  • Website design
  • Copywriting (partial)
  • Graphic design (partial)
  • Content optimization
  • Technical setup

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Driftwood Holly website created by the Wild Pancake - Marketing Off The Grid.